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Thread: Cannabis and Prescription Drug Potential Interactions

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    Cannabis and Prescription Drug Potential Interactions

    I have no idea if it can be combined.

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    It seems to me that this is a must.

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    Well, you should look it up online. Cannabis can be used with some drugs, but it's also dangerous to be used with other drugs. It's worth making sure because you don't want to end up having health problems because of it.
    If you still end up in a situation where you have health problems because of mixing cannabis and other drugs, you should check out Detox is the best way to get rid of problems like that, and it's also the fastest way. Still, you should make sure to avoid such problems. It's not that hard to do it.

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    Well, I think it all depends on your personal well-being. If I had such a question, I definitely see a doctor and ask it. He studied to become a doctor, so he definitely knows more than me. Personally, I am not sure it can actually be combined. I ca not imagine it can be real. But, you know, once, I could not imagine that marijuana could actually cure diseases until I had one. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, so my doctor prescribed me medical marijuana. So, I immediately googled canada weed online, but then my doctor recommended visiting a specific shop he trusts. In the end, my anxiety has gone away due to mm. That is it.
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