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Thread: Advantages of a low-interest, fixed rate mortgage

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    Advantages of a low-interest, fixed rate mortgage

    Wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this topic, as I recently learned that having a low-interest, fixed rate mortgage actually works to your advantage when inflation is a far greater percentage.

    For example: my interest rate is 3%. If inflation is anything greater than that, it means that the banks are essentially helping you pay off your mortgage over time. Realistically, inflation is far greater than what they say it is (one could argue that's it's actually around 12%) and I believe it will continue to be this way for the foreseeable future.

    Everyone says to "get your debts paid off ASAP!"...but what about those with low, fixed rate? While it's definitely not a traditional way of thinking, I think it is an interesting strategy.

    Taking inflation into account, I believe it's advantageous to milk a low, fixed rate is long as possible with minimum payments. What are your thoughts?

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    Good to know about them.

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    Thanks for sharing the benefits of low-interest, fixed-rate mortgages. Indeed, mortgages with a low-interest rate are the best. But it isn't easy to find such a good offer. It took me a while to find a good low-interest mortgage offer. But in the end, I found it and recently finished paying the mortgage in full. I got rid of a problem in life, LOL. Now I have already started the process of releasing the capital. I am doing it with the help of Equity Release Cambridge, and I hope everything will be fine. These processes are quite long and stressful.

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