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Thread: Please recommend a good Netflix film to watch tonight?

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    Please recommend a good Netflix film to watch tonight?

    Child is in bed. Dog has been walked. Got a pasta bake in the oven and a bottle of red to be opened shortly

    Can anyone recommend something good to watch? Preferably relatively easy watching, good sort of nonsense, nothing too horror or sappy. Something actiony would be good where an alcoholic ex SAS officer is called back in to action to save the day.

    Any recommendations?

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    I would recommend you to watch the movie "Dune." This is a very interesting movie, the main genre is sci-fi. This movie has an interesting plot, and all the events are interconnected. I watched this movie recently on this site I liked that I could watch this movie for free and without advertising. A new part is coming in 2023, and I plan to watch it in the theater. I am sure that the next part will be very interesting.

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    Sounds like you've set the stage for a perfect cozy night in with that pasta bake and bottle of red! If you're looking for an action-packed film where the hero is pulled back into the fray, you might want to give "Extraction" a try. It stars Chris Hemsworth as a black-ops mercenary who's tasked with rescuing an international crime lord's kidnapped son. It's a high-octane ride from start to finish and fits your description of "good sort of nonsense" to a T.
    Also, if you ever find that Netflix is missing some of the shows or films you're interested in, I stumbled upon this cool guide on that explains how to access content that might not be available in your area.
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