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Thread: need new windows vps hosting

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    need new windows vps hosting

    I am looking for a new windows vps hosting at $50 or below per month.
    30GB SSD, 2gbs ram. 700GB bandwidth. I know I maybe asking too much for little price. But this is what I can afford.
    So if anyone know any provider like my needs then please let me know.
    Do you know anything about Windows VPS solutions?
    Are they good? Any alternatives, please?

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    I used those services:
    They have good prices and professional services.
    I'm sure you will like them.

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    Why not give SSD VPS a try?
    Pricing is excellent and almost everything was ok for the last 6 months.
    The tech support people are courteous and prompt and informative. I have no outages..

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    Accounts from and are worth trying due to their top-notch services.
    These guys are amazing. My sites were set up in minutes and they have been up since. No trouble, hassles or miscommunication. GREAT!

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    It seems to me that windows VPS will be worth trying. The uptime is excellent, their promise of 99.9% is correct.

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    319 and VPS plans can be the best options for you.
    These hosts are the BEST companies and always deliver TOP Notch Customer Service. They are available 24/7, with minimal wait times and are always happy to help you resolve any problems with your website. I am a very HAPPY customer!

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    I will be migrating all my current customers, their sites, hosting and domains to NetShop ISP Cheap VPS next week. 24/7 support. Fast servers. Price is excellent.
    Multiple Global Locations: Cyprus, Malta, UK, Netherlands, US, Singapore.

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    Anyways, thanks for the wonderful support and service! Features are excellent. Will definitely continue using their KVM VPS service.

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    472 and are worth your attention.
    They are trustworthy for what you need. They are great hosts for any type of sites.

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