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Thread: Answer phone ring time out.

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    Answer phone ring time out.

    When my phone rings it goes to voicemail within around 4 rings. I often miss calls. Iíve looked in the settings on my Samsung phone and canít find anything to extend the time before it goes to voicemail. My husband thinks it may have to be done through giff gaff.
    Any advice on how to change this please.
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    It is very strange. Do you have wired or wireless headphones?

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    Maybe this can be done through your mobile operator? To be honest, I'm not sure exactly what it depends on, from the phone or from the operator, but you can check both options. To be honest, @TMC handles my calls. All my calls go to them, and they handle all my business. This is actually very convenient because in this way I don't miss anything important. We are all human and cannot be in touch 24/7. So maybe you should also think about it and not break your brain thinking about beeps.

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