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Thread: Hair loss severity

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    Hair loss severity

    I've seen people on here talking about hair loss in different terms, "shedding hair but not noticeable", "coming out in handfuls" etc etc.

    I don't have a base to compare to as I've never lost hair before, didn't really notice much last cycle but I did notice some hair loss between my last cycle and this one and now I'm on a second cycle the hair loss is happening, no mistake.

    Here's a picture after I've run a comb through my hair a couple of times - this is pretty much the norm now, if I run a comb through I get this almost every time. It's........disconcerting.

    What would you say, does this qualify as "coming out in handfuls"? Why is it happening this time and not so much last time? How long with this kind of hair loss until it's noticeable?

    I've been using nizoral 2% for the last couple of months but it doesn't seem to be doing anything in terms of stopping the hair loss, yet.

    I'm 38 and on test-e 500 p/w.

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    "Many factors can cause excessive hair loss. For example, vitamin deficiency, regular stress, improper hair care,
    hormonal changes in the body, genetic factors, and finally, the consequences of an illness or taking certain medications. And don't think that if your hair falls out very slightly, it will pass by itself. The further, the hair will fall out more and more if nothing is done. When my hair started to fall out, I turned to for hair care. You will be taught how to properly care for your hair, eat, and prescribe the necessary supplements and medications. Plus, there is the possibility of a hair transplant that will help restore hair growth in 1 procedure lasting 5-6 hours."

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    Thank you for sharing! My hair was also able to be saved only by getting a hair transplant

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