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Thread: Dedicated server with DDos below $70?

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    Dedicated server with DDos below $70?

    I need dedicated server with DDos protection. One of my friend told me that it would be not possible for me to get such server.
    I discovered dedicated server hosting in the USA. Prices start from $69/mo. Can such server cost so low?

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    I'd draw your attention to servers from and
    Their customer service is nothing but excellent, and also the IT department is always available 24/7 and to help customers.

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    This decent web host has accommodated all my needs and has provided great price and reliability.
    Sign up was easy, support is great, speed is fantastic, and their prices are outstanding.

    Keep Up the Good Work team!

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    Servers from and can be right for meeting all your needs.
    Their Technical Specialists are available round the clock. The comfort level that I have enjoyed while interacting with the team is beyond words. They have always been ready to help you out of the technical issue that you are stuck.

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    I began with web host when all I needed was a simple vanity page. Then I added a busy phpBB forum.
    Since then, I've upgraded my hosting package and began hosting video and other multimedia content.
    Recommend this host.

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    I will continue using server hosting in hosting my various sites. They have always tried to solve occasional problems in a matter of hours.
    All features and things included in their hosting solutions are wonderful

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    I've finally found a good home with Gigapros web host. I especially love their support.
    The support is good and they always seem prepared to go out of their way to get things done.
    It's good cheap hosting.

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