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Thread: Alarm and Interior Lights Won't Go Off.

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    Alarm and Interior Lights Won't Go Off.

    We all know Saturn sunroofs leak. They made drain tubes to fix the problem. Those tubes do get clogged and can get inside the car. I recently had this experience. While the roof panel was still damp, my interior lights would not shut off when I locked the doors with my keyfob. Then the factory alarm would start honking at inappropriate times. What I found out was that the door switches were the culprit. Moisture gets down between the door and the dash endcaps and that is where the door switches reside. Here is a short tutorial on how to recondition them:

    First, remove the dash endcap panel. If you have a trim tool, great. If not, a flat-blade screwdriver will work. there are 3 tension clips hold it in place. I always start from the bottom so that if you mark up the surface, no one will see it.

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    Omg, I wouldn't touch the car for another three days after discovering such a problem! Okay, this time you noticed a lighting problem and were able to fix it quickly. But water so close to the lighting system can cause more eerie problems. The roof beams of our old house once got so wet that they could no longer contain moisture, and it penetrated the lighting system. Then we quickly put out the fire, and only the LED strip burned out, which was the only source of light that evening. It's a pity, I only managed to use it for a week But imagine what you'd do if a short circuit in the car also ended in a fire? Oh, I wouldn't risk it.

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