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Thread: Tooth issue for 18 months... TMS?

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    Tooth issue for 18 months... TMS?

    I've had so much success with TMS work in the past, I've completely healed my debilitating back pain and bilateral sciatica. However, for the past 18 months I have had terrible trouble with my teeth and could easily say that I've had chronic pain/issues with it and I wanted to seek out some opinions because I'm finally coming around to the fact that it might be TMS.

    At the beginning of 2020, I was getting some pain in my very back bottom tooth. I was told I needed a root canal, and being naive I didn't understand the importance of my teeth and figured I'd get it removed. It was honestly traumatic, hearing the crunching sound and I almost felt grief for losing that tooth. I also have a lot of fear around teeth because my mum lost all of hers around 50. The following week I got a filling done on my top tooth, and after that it felt like my bite was off and it was painful with chewing.

    I have had an incredible amount done on this tooth. My bite was adjusted multiple times, I got my top wisdom tooth out on that side, the filling has been redone, I tried a metal band on it. I went to an endontist and she told me she thought it was stress and pressure from clenching my teeth. My dentist believes it is cracked, but the crack is tiny at the root of the tooth so it isn't visible. I've gotten a root canal and a cap put on it, so it doesn't even have the nerve anymore and it still hurts. Now I've been trying a mouth guard for the past few months because I also have a clenching/grinding problem.

    My main symptoms are pain when biting something firmer and sometimes random pain, and now my bottom tooth below it can also hurt when biting sometimes as well and I'm afraid that might be cracked too. This tooth has made me miserable. I'm so afraid of losing even more teeth at my age (26) and the implications for my future. I'm obsessing over my teeth and even my dentist has told me I'm overthinking it and making it worse.

    My dentist has taken a very conservative route, and I was tempted to just get it taken out. After reading some other posts on here and learning about phantom bite, I'm considering if this is yet another TMS chronic issue. I'd love some insight or experiences from others. Thanks!

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    I also had problems with my tooth. I understand you very well.

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    Because we are naive, many of us avoid our teeth problems and end up in horrible situations. To avoid ending up in such a situation as your mother, you must visit the dentist regularly to lose all your teeth. This is a very important step that everyone must follow. But you should find a very good dentist to identify your problem right. I am not a dentist, and I have not had such a problem as yours, and that is why for a safer solution, I recommend you to seek the advice of several dentists. That's what I did when I had big teeth problems. I went to several dentists so that by the end, the orthodontist at would tell me that the only solution is braces.

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