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Thread: Why Goole not index all my website

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    Why Goole not index all my website

    I Have just use the google dance tool to analyse my pr and crawled ..

    I have more than 100 pr 3 web pages but google show that it has just cralwed the 53 web pages ...

    I m using text links only ...

    What can be the reason , What one should do for increase crawling by google for his website

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    Get more inward links to increase your PR, make sure all of the URLs are as easy to crawl through (nothing like or e6=to&page7=go&page8=to )
    Also, try getting some links from other sites to pages and sections other than your homepage.

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    Make sure all pages of your site are interconnected.
    Get as many inbound links as possible to your site from other sites.
    As long as said above, all the pages will ultimately been indexed.

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