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Thread: Advice for long haul travel with a 9-10 month old

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    Advice for long haul travel with a 9-10 month old

    Hello everyone,

    We are planning a trip to Australia in order to visit family and introduce our new baby to them all. By the time the trip takes place, the baby will be 9-10 months old.

    Does anyone have any advice or tips about how to manage this trip? For example, how does one tackle the bottle feeding on the flight? You able to take pre-made formula onto the flight? And pouches of baby purees? Should we also expect a certain amount of upset or earache during landings and takeoff, and what is the best way of handling this? Can one take Calpol onto a flight? What are the best distraction and soothing techniques?

    All advice and suggestions are very welcome!

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    It's hard to fly with babies...

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    I was also worried about the first flight with a baby. I had no idea what to take with me and what not to take, and how to calm the child in general in case of a tantrum. I read on the forums that infant formula can be taken on a plane. In fact, no one really forbade me to do this. Also, the most important sedative will be a pacifier. Without it, your flight will turn into a nightmare. It will also be fine if you take a dummy clip with you because you will definitely lose the pacifier somewhere along the way, and it will fall. Otherwise, everything was as usual, without problems and surprises.

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