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Thread: Need fast 10gbps server hosting

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    Need fast 10gbps server hosting

    Hi, I'm looking for some relatively cheap hosting that I will be using for a small startup company website. I know that I don't need much for something of this scale, but one thing is that a lot of my clients may potentially be checking out the website from Europe. Is there anything that I could take advantage of when looking for a webhost to accommodate this?

    Any info on dedicated server hosting solutions? Are they reliable? Any alternatives?

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    Dedicated servers from and are well-balanced and low cost.
    Very good servers, steady and fast, as well as a very pleasant support to work with - understanding experts that solve any issue in matter of minutes.

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    302 servers are good enough to have a deal with.
    Their customer support is brilliant. Hosting servers are very good and mostly uptime. Pricing of the hosting plans is also affordable.

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    I'm happy with Instant dedicated server hosting service. Support is fast, efficient, friendly and understandable even for technical twits like I am!
    All the servers have IPMI on the board and have grey IPs for security. They use only Enterprise on SSD and HDD. Very professional web host!

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    I would recommend instant server hosting to anyone who like to have good server with good prices and stability.
    They are time-tested, providing hosting services since 2012, based in Toronto, Canada. They offer 17 server locations, including all the main cities of the USA.

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    I usually don't recommend but you should 100% go with server hosting! Worth my money and I will continue doing business with them.
    My site has always powered my social networking site with ease, no matter how much burst in traffic i get, it still runs very fast.

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    My experience with web host, thus far, has been exceptional in terms of customer support and communications; very professional, prompt, and friendly administration.
    The responses are clear, informative, and not at all condescending. Simply the best hosting service!

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