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Thread: Looking for 60GB+ Reliable Bandwidth Host

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    Lightbulb Looking for 60GB+ Reliable Bandwidth Host

    Hi Everyone,

    First post, been lurking for a while, nice forum.

    I currently have a UK based forum site, that is transferring 60/70GB monthly. I'm on a dedicated server, but I'm looking to transfer hosts.

    Up until recently my hosting company has been reliable, but I think my server my be approaching capacity as it frequently is running out of memory (and crashing). I currently pay about 2.5K per annum for 50GB/month 256Mb RAM Pentium 4.

    My main concern about moving, is the connection speeds/capacity to the rest of the internet, what should I be looking for in terms of connections?

    Also I've been thinking about moving the site to a server based in the US, any pros/cons for a UK targeted site, or doesn't that really matter anymore?

    I'd be particulary interested in hearing for other UK sites with a dedicated server transfering 60+GB about what they recommend/ have experienced etc?

    Your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance,


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    ::::I currently pay about 2.5K per annum for 50GB/month 256Mb RAM Pentium 4.

    $100 a month! 1,000 Gigs a month of bandwidth.

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    While i'm not in the U.K. , Belgium is near enough ;-)

    Sounds like a big chunk of money to me for those specs.
    I rent a server at servermatrix which costs me like $70/month.

    Connection wise I don't think the differences will be that huge.
    You can always do some test downloads from a U.S. based hosting.

    If you need to test the connection to servermatrix I can provide
    you with a test download, I'm sure others are willing to help you as well.


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