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Thread: Any Code Signing SSL?

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    Any Code Signing SSL?

    Hey guys,
    would like to consult with you on reliable providers offering secure SSL Certificates.
    I've also done a search and found - it offers Code Signing SSL solutions.
    Have you tried it? Could you share your experience with me?


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    I've noticed that Code Signing SSL certificates help publishers and software users to be sure that the files come directly from the publisher and are signed using a digital signature. I have been using SSLs for 8 months - everything works good and my websites are secured. Recommend.

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    Excessive workarounds: If you’re using legacy or off-the-shelf software, and your employees have to perform multiple workarounds to get their work done, something’s wrong. For example, do employees need to export data from one internal software application and import it somewhere else before they can work with the information? Do they go out of their way to make reports look presentable? If so, custom software may be a reasonable solution
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