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Thread: Is PHP Dead or Still have a Future in Web Development?

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    Post Is PHP Dead or Still have a Future in Web Development?

    NO. PHP is not a dead language. We still don�t know what the future has for this language. We can see the most sustainable features in future updates. So time will tell. Now, you might have calculated that whether you want to learn the PHP language or not. If you want to become a good back-end developer and want a command, there is nothing wrong with learning this language. Don�t believe things that people say about PHP on the internet. It is good to learn PHP to start your programming career. If you were doing an online search for PHP, you would come across numerous articles asking whether PHP is still relevant in 2022 or is PHP dead?

    History Of PHP

    When people think about creating web applications, particularly developers, go tend with the latest and advanced frameworks, such as React and Angular, that allow designers and developers to create single-page applications that run across different platforms from desktop to mobile. Compared to these new and advanced technologies, PHP is a dinosaur, a relic made when the internet became mainstream back in 1994.

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    I think it depends on the simplicity of this language. Still, HTML and CSS rule the web development world. Anyway, tastes differ. You know, its a really interesting question to think of. Im highly interested in what my friend from thinks of it. Im really curious about his opinion of PHP. Anyway, keep us updated on your thoughts, guys. This question is still relevant. Wish you all the best, folks. Ill be waiting for your replies.

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    People said PHP would die ages ago it hasn't. When they brought out PHP 7.4 and then 8 it really revitalized the web developers who use this programming language.
    Quite honestly the fate of PHP rests on WordPress websites. WordPress has been in decline for years now but are hard at work in revamping the CMS.

    However I'm not sure if it's too little too late, and at some point, they may even move away from PHP.

    PHP will never fully die, it may become less popular for websites as people website builders that use other languages take over the industry.

    But in terms of simplicity and functionality for websites its still one of the best programming languages for that use case.

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