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Thread: I need help from a SEO expert

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    I need help from a SEO expert

    Hello everyone, Iím new at webflow
    Iím working for a company that decided to migrate the wordpress website to webflow, Iíve been working on the website design in the past 2 months and we are about to publish.
    Our website is very well referenced in google and we really need to keep that. So I was wondering if webflow itself could provide us this service with a SEO expert, or if the community could recommend me a professional that understands well the platform and could help us migrating with no big impacts on the SEO.

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    Have you found the help?

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    SEO works with any website developing software, whether WordPress or WebFlow. You can find one in the Marketing One agency if you need an SEO expert. I used their services to promote my website. I have created a forum for people with cancer to share their experiences and how they have beaten or fought this disease. It was hard to make this website popular, so I have used the services of SEO experts from that company. They helped me get many new users on my website that could help each other with some tips.

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