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Thread: Looking for reliable managed Server?

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    Looking for reliable managed Server?

    I came across various dedicated server hosting offers and found - it offers managed dedicated server hosting services.
    I have a client who needs managed servers as he is not experienced enough in managing the servers by himself.

    How can I check their level of management? Is it a trustworthy hosting provider?

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    Excellent value hosting packages and a service that I cannot fault, plus a sense of humour.
    I'd recommend quite highly if you're looking for professional host for personal or business sites.

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    My last webhost would sometimes take days to respond to your help ticket. I feel safe and secure with web servers.
    The tools provided are great! Network uptime is great and I am quite happy with them.

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    I love working with the support team! I always receive professional help and thanks to them there aren`t any bugs. makes me feel confident that my website is in good (and trusted) hands

    Like their new Special: Flash Sale Servers - nice discounts

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    Servers from and are well-balanced and inexpensive.
    The price-quality ratio is among the best I've met. The server administration dashboard is a very nice and professional, which gives me a great experience. Quick response time! I highly recommend them.

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    I am extremely happy with dedicated hosting service and pricing.
    Wish all would be the same professionals in their businesses.
    Never had problems with this great hosting provider.

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