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Thread: Looking to find “Search and Catchup” API for IPTV

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    Looking to find “Search and Catchup” API for IPTV

    We are going to develop IPTV first time in Tizen TV and have googled in search of API list which will be required to develop an app and found the most of the API such as: Live, Movies and Series from the post “All api of xtream ui and xtream code - Xtream UI 18”
    But we have not found any API for Search and catch-up API(Recorded videos).

    Please share the search and catchup API if anyone has.

    Thank you!!

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    I wanna find this api too.

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    Finding that API is not easy it would seem. I have tried many free IPTV apps on my smart TV, but all the free ones work poorly. Many of them didn't have the catch up function, and some had very janky search functions. In addition, the video would buffer all the time, and it was unwatchable. I tried using normal cable TV, but I hated it because it only had 100 channels. My friend, an iptv reseller, sold me RoombaTV IPTV. I even got a discount from him, and now I have thousands of TV channels, with a very convenient catch up function. You might want to look into the APIs RoombaTV use for the search and catch up functions.

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