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Thread: First times and experiences

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    First times and experiences

    I have a memory of a girl from my neighborhood who was 13 at the time and I was 8. She came over to my house, I believe to keep me company since I had been sick and my parents had to go somewhere. Anyway, she started to show me hers I showed her mine. I remember she even took my penis and inserted it into her pussy. I donít remember how far it went but I do remember going inside of her. I must have been placed at that age, and I donít recall any orgasm.

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    Isn't it too early for the first time?

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    My first time was when I was seventeen. I was at my friend's house, and she was sixteen. We were looking at big dick pictures for jokes, and we started to kiss. It was accidentally, but I began to enjoy it. I knew that it would be my first sex, and luckily I always had a preservative in my pocket for such cases. The following day when I was going home, I was so happy that I had my first sex in life. But now I understand that it was awful because I had multiple couplings with that girl again, and I understood how terrible that sex was.

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