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Thread: Require Linux VPS for my new-built web sites

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    Require Linux VPS for my new-built web sites

    I'm looking for a long-term Linux VPS for my new-built websites.
    Budget $30 + any taxes if applicable
    Min 2 core CPU
    Min 2GB Ram
    Min 50GB HDD
    Min 1000GB Traffic
    Any established web hosts you can recommend?
    Any info on OpenVZ VPS hosting solutions? Are they reliable? Alternatives for comparison?

    Thanks in advance

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    Particularly impressed with the live chat customer service support provided by - extremely helpful.
    They are always willing to take that extra step. I really recommend this web hosting provider.

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    VPS accounts from and are full-featured and low cost.
    Their support rocks. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. I know first hand their support rocks, they’ve have tolerated me all this time.

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    My previous host was so bad, my site was down almost daily, I found and have never looked back.
    Great Host and very reliable. They have everything you need, support is friendly and helpful and the forum is extremely useful too.

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    Have a look at VPS plans from and as they are proven to be the best in the whole IT world.
    I have never faced issues with them, when need any support their friendly team is always available for me.

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    I'll be with for a long time to come I think.
    Excellent service, very friendly and knowledgeable. Four other sites I tried kept crashing, but this one has been great!
    Help via AOL IM, almost instantaneous, no problems.

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    In fact, I was so satisfied with this host, our business now has a number of dedicated servers and different hosting accounts with web host.
    Everything continues to be smooth. Great service, support is ALWAYS prompt and helpful. They even reply on weekends.

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    VPS plans from and are worthwhile.
    They have great staff - they know what they are talking about and are easy to contact. Their chat function rocks. They do what they say.

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