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Thread: Property lawyer

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    Property lawyer

    Where can I find a property lawyer?

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    I also want to find

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    Hi! I'm looking for an apartment. Your offer seems pretty good. Is it still valid, or am I no longer lucky enough to buy it? I have been looking for a house for a very, very long time. I never thought it was so hard to find a home. Everything seemed so easy to me. But when I started the search, I understood that it is so tricky, because first of all, you have to find a reasonable offer, a seller with whom you get along and follow a lot of aspects of the house. I found a place that suits me by price and location, but there are some problems with the contracts, plus I don't get along with the seller. I plan to turn to to offer me a good lawyer who knows real estate laws and help me in this. I hope everything will be fine.

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