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Thread: How do you find out all your debts?

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    How do you find out all your debts?

    So a couple years ago I got slapped with some surprise bills and had some hospitalizations and such. Led to a really bad time in my life and in that time I managed to get quite a bit of debt.

    I'm unsure how to even go about finding out what I owe and to who. Ive moved a lot and don't have a permanent mailing address at the moment.

    Since I'm sitting pretty well I feel like I should be paying off this stuff since I couldn't when I was jobless and practically homeless.

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    I would also like to know

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    How is it even possible not to know your debts? When I had considerable debts to my relatives and friends, I was thinking every day about how to get out of debt. I even made a plan to pay the debts faster. I worked on two jobs day and night and spent money on things I needed, like food and a house. I was trying to pay the maximum amount of money possible each month. Most of all I didn't particularly appreciate that I owed something to someone, and it was creating discomfort inside me, so this is why I wanted to pay the debts as fast as possible.

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