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Thread: Setting up a Google Sheets database

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    Setting up a Google Sheets database


    I am trying to set up a simple database to store some information for my site. This data will just be numbers. I will need to be able to read and write to it. I was thinking of using a simple Google Sheets file to do this and was wondering what I would have to do to read and write from it, and how I would get that working on Squarespace. I was hoping it would be possible to use a code injection to this and then I could write some simple javascript to use the data as required. Nothing personal/confidential will be stored on this so it doesn't have to be very secure, though I understand this is a concern.

    Would anyone be able able to help me out or point me in the right direction to some resources that cover how a google sheets file could be used in conjunction with Squarespace like this.


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    I would also need help

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    Google Sheets works the same as Microsoft Excel. It is easy to create databases using it. But if you want to have more tools for analyzing the tables and their information, Excel is better software. If you have already created the database in Google Sheets, will link google sheets to excel, so all the information will be transformed into a Mircosoft Excel file. I like this software more because it is easier to analyze the data from eh tables. For example, by creating charts and diagrams.

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