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Thread: What is money? Taxes

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    What is money? Taxes

    In other places, people are discussing bitcoin and a bank loan. There are those who answer that such and such is not money. Money is really what causes people to have problems with definitions.
    And why the hell do I need to pay taxes?

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    What do u think people?

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    Now bitcoin is much more trusted than it was before. And the price for it is much more. But with the price increase, the tax service now wants to tax cryptocurrencies, can you imagine? I read various articles about tax forms, but I never thought that the tax service would reach cryptocurrency. And this is terrible because then you will have to give a large percentage of your income to the state, which does not even use this currency. Where is justice? Why take everything for yourself, even without using it? I have never understood the economic system of our country, and indeed in the world in general. I hope that someday the day will come when the money will disappear.

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    I think cryptocurrency is a good investment option, very popular, especially today.

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    Money is one of the ways to have stability in times of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Today is very important to have a regular way of income. In my opinion, this way of financial stability can become a cryptocurrency market. According to various authorized websites like, cryptocurrency will become one of the most popular methods of transferring money online, so today is a very good decision to invest some money in this market.

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