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Thread: pharmaceutical and health product industry in the united states spent...

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    pharmaceutical and health product industry in the united states spent...

    spent the most on lobbying efforts totaling about 23 million dollars
    The main thing is that these investment should work

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    Hello, my girlfriend was obsessed with cars all her life, she changed car after car, and all were insanely expensive, she took out a big enough loan from banks to buy a car she wanted, it was like a disorder because she could not eat normally and took off her clothes to buy a car. One day, she had a car accident, and she took a big loan and put her house as collateral, but one day she had a car accident, and she couldn't work, and the loan was fixed, the interest was rigid, and she didn't know what to do. Soon her parents knew about it and said they would help on the condition that a therapist would treat her, she agreed, and they went for help . She is undergoing therapy now, and hopefully, it will do her good.

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    Dude, what kind of girl crap did you write? How could she take out a home equity loan if she (I'm sure) didn't own the property*? What the hell are you talking can she have no money for clothes and pay the loan, what bank would give her a loan secured by someone else's property? We're talking about pharmaceutical companies here. Do you even know what they're talking about? By the way, the biggest money is made in this field, and they spend a lot of money on the development and analysis of new pharmaceuticals. And if your friend really needs help with medication or loans, let her ask for Mortgage Advice Doncaster first and then think with her head where to spend the money.

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