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Thread: Should I open a new credit card to pay a collection?

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    Should I open a new credit card to pay a collection?

    I only have 2 master cards. I have had them for more than 10 years. I need a visa because I have come across places where mastercard is not accepted. I plan to use the card to first pay off the fee on my credit report (the new card is activated as soon as I make the first payment), and then pay off the balance next month.

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    Yep, why not?!

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    An interesting video, but it seems that he is wrong in some details, for example, about the fact that you can not receive passive income. I have many friends who worked a lot at once, then invested money in projects and real estate, and now they have a constant income without much effort. By the way, all businessmen advised me that I should constantly monitor all banking operations. And I even have friends who have German bank cards and keep money in these accounts. I do not know why they do not trust our banks. But they are one hundred percent sure of this, so I think I should do the same.
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