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Thread: Live casinos

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    Live casinos

    What are the best live casinos?

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    my problem with a live casino is controlling a bet size, honestly. apart from that, it's okay to bet

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    I think people need to up their game when it comes to betting size. Why do you bet small? From my experience, I know that highly knowledgeable betting individuals usually bet more than one over two (1/2) of the pot size. Just like how ZoeHillo said, bet sizing is a technical skill that you must master. Although others will tell you that the range is more important to master, you can use it to your villain's advantage if you know your range very well. Betting is honestly a difficult task to learn and succeed in, especially in a live casino; that's why I'm looking for articles to learn how to place bets on horse racing or football because they won't be a too tricky guess.
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