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Thread: How much should I be betting using Zen

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    How much should I be betting using Zen

    Greetings. I have been practicing a lot and deem myself worthy to hit the felt again using balanced Zen count. I concerned about my betting ramp. What is the procedure for determining the optimal ramp for my game? I have not run any sim before and only only purchased the counting software so far. Please tell me if there are any major problems with what I am using.

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    I didn't use Zen

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    I have never tried betting using Zen. I heard about this. Some of my friends bet using this one. I also like bets, especially sports bets. I think that every athlete has tried their luck, even if not necessarily an athlete. My friend also bets in sports on the same site that I and sometimes can have bigger winnings. For some time, we have been using a website where we make our sports bets. Very comfortable and safe. The rules are affordable, and it is easy to withdraw money then. Btw would be interesting for me to bet in other areas.

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