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Thread: New service to help individuals with drug or alcohol addiction to be launched in Rich

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    New service to help individuals with drug or alcohol addiction to be launched in Rich

    Following a formal review of the current support available for residents with drug and alcohol problems, Richmond and Wandsworth councils have commissioned a new clinically-led service to address the range of Substance Use Disorders in both boroughs.

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    This is some kind of nonsense.

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    What do you mean? This is very cool news because people with various addictions really need help. They are not able to cope with this on their own.
    I have suffered from alcoholism for many years, and I perfectly understand what I am talking about. I couldn't cope with this addiction. I started drinking after my husband's death, and when I realized that I was addicted, it was already too late. I was drinking all the time for no particular reason. My body was entirely dependent on alcohol. I had to ask for serious help because the alcoholics Anonymous club was not enough. I'm doing well now, thanks to
    Just be kinder and treat with understanding.

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