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Thread: Welding on truck - precautions for electronics

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    Welding on truck - precautions for electronics

    I want to do some welding on the truck (specifically welding some mount points into the box). I assumed just unhook the batteries and you'd be good. Looked on the web in general and it say sure, no problem. EXCEPT as everything on the web it has a caveat - "if you have sensitive modules you should remove them first". For fsck's sake - so that means every vehicle after '96 has to remove all control modules. I suspect it's hyper over-caution there as is so common with our sadly overly litigious world.

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    You will better do a course.

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    Just batteries are fine. Do you want to do it by yourself? Very brave! I also was in such a situation, but I was afraid to start by myself without a course. Haven't you thought about going to a class or, in general, reading more about welding? For example is a site where you will learn about types of welding, welding certificates, job prospects, and schools that offer training in this profession in Florida. You will find more info on their website. I decided and went to this school. You can't imagine how much helpful information I found out. Now I have a diploma, and any problem I have can be solved with maximum safety.

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