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Thread: Hello, questions about mushroom compost and influence on brain

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    Hello, questions about mushroom compost and influence on brain

    can I put a shovel full of mushroom compost around each cannabis plant when planting outside? this is a new field, and the plants are 6 weeks old. planting 1200 plants. I'm digging about a foot deep and I think it wouldn't hurt to put it in the hole. Do you have any thoughts?
    Could it boost your mind?

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    Iíve been a constant mushroom consumer for over 5 years now and after all those years I can easily say that it is a really hard task to find some decent shrooms. I used to grow them, but when I moved to a new apartment I couldnít anymore. That is why I started to order from random websites, and I was sure that sooner or later I will find a diamond. I ran into a really interesting website once and I ordered 2 packs of lion's mane mushroom and OMG they were terrific. Surely the best shrooms that I have ever tried. That is why I would love to recommend this place to everyone who is looking for quality mushrooms.

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