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Thread: Remote key, prado tx 2005

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    Remote key, prado tx 2005

    Hi all. Need a new remote key, part number 60110. Have trolled through ebay, alibaba, etc and the closest I can find is part number 60210. At this stage I refuse to pay over $200 for a replacement at the dealer if I can avoid it. Can anybody suggest any other suppliers? Many thanks alex

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    Can you try to replace the battery?

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    I had a case when the keychain of my car just stopped working. This means that I will not be able to open the vehicle in any way, and I will have to call a locksmith or call a dealership. It was just a nightmare considering that I was already late for an important business meeting. Then I Googled and found a website with an online key programmer. It's simple, I entered the data of my car, and the system determined which programmer is compatible with my car. As a result, I managed to get Ibilla's car to go to the meeting. Later, I already solved the problem with the non-working keychain. This saved me at that time.

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