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Thread: How to remove SPAM in my website?

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    How to remove SPAM in my website?


    The other day I advertise in a forum about my website. This guy was not so happy about it and so he spam my website with a lot of hits. 99% of my hits are coming from this spam. Here is the link to the spam:

    I'm not sure what the spam does and how it affects my website. But does anyone here know how to remove it?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Oh dear. A lesson learnt I hope not to spam forums.

    What they're doing is just eating up your bandwidth by repeatedly loading your images. The solution is to just block any requests from the IP

    Of course, you could be really evil and for every request by that ip made to your site, you could request 10 of their large images. That way everything they do to you will hit them 10 times as hard. But I wouldn't suggest getting into spam wars!

    Easier just to block that IP. You shouldn't have been spamming their forum in the first place anyway.

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    i should start doing this to the lamers who spam my site.

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    block ip

    how exactly do you block IP?

    yeah..i just made 1 post about my website for the first time there. it's not like I filled the forum with multiple posts. Anyway, I'd stay away from advertising in a forum from now on.

    Chromate, how do you find out the ip adress ?
    can i use this to block the ip address?

    thanks a lot!
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    I did a research and found out how to block ip by htaccess. Is there any way to block ip besides htaccess?

    I am not in full control of the website because its some kind of an affiliate. However I can change and put html codes in the body of the home page.

    is there html code that I can use to block the ip?


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    That's quite interesting, how do you set it up to spam ohter sites? , just kidding. I think you learned a lesson, don't spam forums. But still, is it legal to spam others sites using those tools?

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    Not illegal, but definitely you could get sued over it.
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