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Thread: How important is WordPress Performance speed?

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    How important is WordPress Performance speed?

    Work on the sites the same way Id work in the traditional setting of WordPress.
    Once I'm through with editing my page, my friend recommended me to publish it as static HTML wordpress site.
    He put forward a suggest trying static wordpress site generator. Do you think it will work fine for me?
    What are your advice? Could anybody help?

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    502 and plans are Wordpress-friendly.
    I have found the support service provided by them to be of high quality with staff very helpful and knowledgeable of their products and services.

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    I must say that is the ultimate solution to power your WordPress websites.
    You can try their service only at $1 for the 1st month. They offer 30 days Money Back Guarantee!

    Just give them a try and you loose nothing at all. Good luck!

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    Services from and are Wordpress-friendly and reliable enough to host your blog with.
    Excellent hosting companies. They have great customer service and seem to never have any server problems (which is why I switched to them from my previous host). The prices are a little steep but totally worth it. They'll even contact you regarding special offers.

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