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Thread: Weight and kitchen scale

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    Weight and kitchen scale

    how can I find out the weight without a kitchen scale?
    Or is it a necessary thing on your kitchen?

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    There are rules for losing weight after pregnancy and childbirth. ... The process of losing weight after childbirth may seem long and painful to you if you concentrate too much on the problems of the figure and excess weight. Do not forget about the main thing — now you are a mother. This is a reason for pride. Later, looking back, you will understand how wonderful the first months of your baby's life were. The figure can be returned, but these moments — never. I decided to monitor my diet and weigh my food. I have been looking for such scales for a long time and recently found one for myself and these are the best!

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    I don't like trash so much. Sometimes I go to my neighbors' house and they have cans and bags everywhere, it's just awful. I don't even know what to advise them to clean up their trash more often.

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    Sorting garbage and recycling is a really important aspect of keeping good ecology on our Earth. Think about it! Waste sorting is a system for recycling materials that are recycled. It is made into a new product in special plants. Separate collection of waste improves the condition of water, air, and soil. Personally, for example, I always collect soda and beer cans separately and destroy them with a fine crusher for cans . It seems like the right thing to do.

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