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Thread: People with Alzeheimers.

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    People with Alzeheimers.

    Some are saying there will be a cure soon, but until that happens my father needs constant care.

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    I am pleased with the fact that scientists are doing this.

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    Still, it's cool.

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    This is excellent news. As far as I know, many corporations and companies are engaged in the invention of a cure for Alzheimer's. I am pleased that at least someone is interested in these studies and stories of the drug.
    I would be infinitely happy because my mother suffers from this disease. There are also prerequisites that the same situation awaits me. Looking at my helpless mother, I see my future. It's unfortunate, but I understand that I will also need the help of nurses, strangers.
    I would not like to forget all the beautiful moments of my life and my loved ones at all. I hope that very soon, scientists will be able to make a cure for Alzheimer's.

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