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Thread: Best cannabis while climbing

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    Best cannabis while climbing

    What's the best strain while climbing?

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    I'm just smoking weed.

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    I'm using Delta 8 Mints. These are mints that are filled with delta-8 distillate. These lollipops are milder than THC or marijuana. That is why I chose this version of using marijuana. After these lollipops, I feel good. The hated pain in my leg and anxiety go away. I'm often nervous about this leg. It constantly hurts, sometimes more than usual, and it really depresses me. Feeling chronic pain is terrible.
    I also noticed that I sleep well. I fall asleep almost immediately and sleep deeply. You can try these lollipops to relieve joint pain and good mood. You can find them on I hope that these lollipops will help you.

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