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Thread: No International checks for paying property taxes/Payment methods issues

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    No International checks for paying property taxes/Payment methods issues

    The San Pedro City Council would like to inform property owners who live abroad and would like to pay property tax that local banks no longer accept international checks.

    Payments can be made through the authorization form with the advice of the Real estate tax department

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    Who's using cheques now? There are better methods to pay your stuff.

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    Well, it's bad they don't accept international cheques anymore, but I get it. Some people might still want to use that payment system, but it's pretty much outdated. I can't remember the last time I saw someone using a cheque. It might be crazy, but I never used one in my life.
    I use Maxpay for my payment. I use it because of my online gaming merchant account, but that's not the only thing. People should know about it, and use it because it's good. It's a perfect payment system for your business. It will help your business grow, and you won't have to worry about the payment system.

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    I'm pretty sure that the most common way of payment is an online one, and people use it all over the world. But there's one thing that business owners should worry about while providing online payment methods - fraud, and that's why services like KYC Automation, anti-fraud solutions, AML software are so popular among entrepreneurs.

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    When developing a website, it is important to understand that the client-side portion of the application focuses on the content and visual effects of the page. Scripting languages for this part of the web application are often written in JavaScript or jQuery. PHP and Python are also used on the client-side of a website. These languages enable the developer to connect to databases and retrieve information from a web server
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    Hi. What’s the current situation? Have they applied any additional methods of payment? I don’t think many people use checks nowadays. So I hope they have improved the situation. Tbh, I was really shocked when I found out about this a year ago. My friend who works at Greedy Rates and I were counting our expenses at that moment when we heard that news. We were stunned for a moment, but then we quickly realized we couldn’t do anything about the situation. So, anyway, keep us updated on the news, please. Waiting for your reply. TIA

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