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Thread: Geo Targeting

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    Geo Targeting

    Geo-targeting is the practice of creating and delivering online advertisers to users based on their location. Geo-targeting can improve marketing ROI for online merchants by taking advantage of regional trend.

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    Geotargeting (also called geotargeted advertising) is a type of advertising that uses location data to reach consumers with messaging appropriate to their locality and behavior. This advertising technology displays content based on an automated or assumed knowledge of consumers' location.

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    I think GEO targeting in terms of websites alone is a little overrated, top-level domain, language tags, and also translations are pretty much all you need for a website as google is smart enough to know what you are going for.

    Google search has become very localized so keywords of the place you are targeting is also important.

    However, there is more to it. If you are doing advertising. You can obviously set locations such as in AdWords or Facebook, lastly, you will also need to look at website design styles and currencies. What looks good in one country may not appeal to another. Again it comes down to knowing your target market.

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    Geo targeting is targeting the users based on the location.

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