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Thread: How important is WordPress Performance speed?

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    How important is WordPress Performance speed?

    Work on the sites the same way Id work in the traditional setting of WordPress.
    Once I'm through with editing my page, my friend recommended me to publish it as static HTML wordpress site.
    He put forward a suggest trying static wordpress site generator. Do you think it will work fine for me?
    What are your advice? Could anybody help?

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    Any problems I've encountered have been handled fast and efficiently. Keep up the good work, Flatsite! I highly recommend solution without any doubt.
    All of the features, flexibility, and functionality of WordPress with the enhanced speed, security, and all-around improved performance of static HTML.

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    Guys, I am happy. FLATsite not only allows me to set the name, live URL and server, it also allows me to set the display language for my Wordpress websites. Tech support is all important to me. They are skillful and helpful.

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    Email deliverability testing using the Email Delivery Monitor is easy and effective. There are several ways to get a test from Email deliverability by folderly The first way to get a test by folderly is to directly log into your account. If you have already created a username for your account, you can go to your account and create a test Otherwise, if you have not yet created a username or a password, you can simply create one by clicking on the "register" link found at the top of your navigation bar.
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