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Thread: What Speed Test tool do you use?

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    What Speed Test tool do you use?

    Hey guys,
    would like to make a notion on reliable Speed Test tools available in the web.
    Have you ever used whatismyip Speed Test?
    Any feedback, please?
    Need to determine if my internet connection is providing value for money or not.
    Any alternatives, please?

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    I have a custom app for this. But thanks for your information. Another important thing to note is that dedicated software development teams create custom software development systems that meet the business needs. Thus, they ensure that the software development products are developed and deployed to meet the unique business needs and objectives of organizations. Dedicated software development teams also help in solving problems that organizations face while using software development products and services, by offering custom software development services.
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    YOu an gogole what is my internet speed and google will provide you with a tool this to me has been quite reliable although I cannot say 199% accurate its seems to correlate quite well.

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