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    Which VPS would you sign up with - or

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    Try OpenVZ VPS - One of the best web hosts out there.
    I needed to consult with their customer support and I was surprised at such a fast response since it was a holiday.

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    VPS plans from and are worthwhile.
    Their servers are fast and fully featured with everything needed to run professional websites, and security is their number one priority for all their customers.

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    I have really enjoyed having my site hosted by web host, as the people there, are very friendly and are quick to respond to your inquiry if the need arises. I also, have had no major downtime. When i transfer my files they are so fast.

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    The services offered by are far superior to my previous hosting service, which I had for more than a decade. Contact with sales, technical support, and billing has been prompt and pleasant. I can't imagine receiving better service from any webhost regardless of the price.

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    I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a new host!
    The prices are good, customer support is awesome and it s quite reliable. I put one site up with them to start just to try things out, I've since put up all my sites with these guys.

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    Use accounts from They are really good website hosts. They have a variety of hosting options and a variety of options. The pricing is budget friendly.

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