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Thread: magento ecommerce or os commerce hosting ?

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    magento ecommerce or os commerce hosting ?

    Hi ALL webmasters here,
    Let me explain my issue.
    I need to run a magento e-commerce site and run more than 1 lack query per hour for few days till I need to insert the products via a API/web scraping.
    My current hosting has a limit of 45000 queries per hour, which is very less.
    Can someone suggest a budget hosting for same?
    What are your views on web hosting solutions? Are they good?
    Should me able to run php codes.

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    649 is not the only cpmpany to have a deal with, plans from are also attractive and worth trying.
    Both companies are solid and trustworthy enough to have a deal with.
    - Great customer service
    - Outstanding up-time
    - Economical pricing
    - Highly recommended.

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    I agree with all the positive comments here wholeheartedly! I have been using SSDVPS Hosting for more than 2 years now, and I am an extremely happy customer. The servers are smooth, and they're always on top of things, constantly updating the forums, answering any questions, and making sure I'm happy.

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    I've used a lot of hosts since the early '2000's and I can say, without a doubt, that is the best host I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The reliability is stellar, the machines aren't cramped with as many clients as possible, and the performance is top-notch.

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    Accounts from (B82NC3YRTR) and (SENXFJ) are worth trying.
    Their servers have been reliable and fast and always available. Haven't experienced any downtime at all.

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    Believe you will not regret a thing if you choose hosting. It is quite a decent host in all regards, the setup time was amazing, the quickest i've experienced yet, the only disadvantage is the stats service, only basic stats are given although they say the busy improving this.

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    With the right web hosting provider, your business web site can be much easier than you think. There are so many web based design tools and marketing tools included in web hosting packages, that you really don't need to know much about html, programming, or otherwise.

    Give web host a try. Their customer support is exceptional.
    If you have a question about any one of the web hosting service on their site, they have a friendly, dedicated team to get you answers fast.

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    460 and plans are worthy.
    The support is OK. They are pretty fast and responsive. It does take a little of your brain with their help to solve some problems.

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