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Thread: What To Do With Google Image Search Traffic

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    What To Do With Google Image Search Traffic

    I have a fair bit of traffic coming from google image search, but I don't really know how to profit. I'm not even totally sure how traffic from GIS works. I'm not sure if the users are actually going to any content parts of the site, or just viewing images. On top of this, it's a video game site, so it's sort of a weak category for advertising in the first place.

    Any ideas?

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    I was just about to post the exact same thread! Over the last week my gaming site has gotten a bunch of google image traffic (previously it got absolutely no google image traffic.) Its difficult for me to track what kind of return this traffic is giving me (my site only uses Google Adsense.)

    When you click on an image in Google Image search you get a top frame displaying that image and the bottom frame displays the site.

    My best guess/bet is to make sure any PPC advertising is visible near the top of your page because anything lower this traffic probably won't see. Advertising that pays per impression probably wouldn't hurt either..
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    Oh, and if anyone else has noticed an increase in Google image traffic recently, I'd be interested.
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    You could also have code to remove the top frame, or have it in your .htaccess so that when they access your image from another site, it redirects them to the page the image is on.

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