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Thread: What is an essay?

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    What is an essay?

    Essays are also a fictional and publicistic genre that is widely used in the modern world, print and literature.

    Instead of facts, the originality of the author's thinking comes to the fore. Now you do not need to run on the Internet in search of a topic and informational occasion. There is also a reason here. But this is rather just a thought, some topic that you grabbed onto and decided to speculate.

    This is where you show your intelligence and emotions. This is an option to show your style, because you are not limited to a particular style. Any expression and all colors of the language can be used.

    There are no frames here!

    This is a great form to show your intelligence and reading. This is one of the ideal blog formats. If you look at blogs and websites, then most often they consist of articles and essays.
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