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Thread: VPS Hosting Provider is Required

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    VPS Hosting Provider is Required

    Hi Guys,
    I'm looking for a web hosting provider for someone who is starting out building websites.
    What I'm looking for:
    1) support multiple domains
    2) good with wordpress
    3) suports Cpanel
    4) I'm good with $30-$40 a month
    I'm just starting out and have no experience with web service providers, the only think I have picked out is my domain name.
    What are your views on SSDVPS hosting solutions? Reliable or not?

    thx for your help

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    If you are interested in getting a quality VPS, have a look at plans from
    My experience with this host has been excellent. I started with no experience and thanks to the knowledge base can manage my sites without problems. The technical service is just amazing.
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    As a first-time web builder, back in college, was recommended by my web design professor because of their 24-hour support and diversity of services.
    It was super easy. I was able to figure most of it out myself, but on occasion, would need to call in. Every service person was helpful and knowledgeable.

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    259 and plans are worthy.
    I highly recommend them for your hosting needs. Besides the great customer service, they have super fast solid state servers - which is another plus for me!

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    I do believe is good provider. But they have mostly server locations in Europe. So if you need good SSD service in USA I would recommend you checking:

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    417 and accounts are trustworthy enough to sign up with.
    They are the only web hosting companies that are web hosting and support that our websites need. Also, they provide a 24/7 support service.

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    491 and VPS accounts are decent and reliable enough to sign up with.
    They are 100% reliable, their hosting services are reproduced with great precision testifying to a perfect ability to work.

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    The techs are always friendly, and quick to answer my questions. Server is always fast, and rarely ever goes down.
    It is my first web hosting services I contracted and everything was so easy and reliable. I am very happy with my choice.

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    I've noticed no downtime and my site loads faster than ever. Recommend hosting to others.
    Reliability is 100% I honestly cannot remember the last downtime my site has had.

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    I do believe serverwala .com is good provider. As they have mostly server locations in Europe, I would recommend you check it out

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