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Thread: Must Read interview with Jeff Bezos

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    Must Read interview with Jeff Bezos

    Wired has a good interview with Jeff Bezos, you can read it here

    Here is a quote from it:

    "Q: How much of retail sales do you think eventually will be online, and how much offline?"
    "A: I think online ultimately will be 10 to 15 percent of retail. The vast majority of retailing will stay in the physical world because people have acute needs, they want things now. Also, there are products, like a yard rake, where the economics of delivery don't make sense. But a 600-pound table saw is a great item to sell online because it always gets delivered. And it's expensive enough that there is enough profit in it to cover the cost of shipping. Plasma TVs, same idea."
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    wont that be a great day. I have already read this, it was on slashdot.

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    Nice article/interview. Its good to see some realistic estimate of the online retail market, as I don't see the majority of people buying groceries and the like online, well not me atleast.

    Although I'm not sure about some of the stuff as have been offering rental by post, atleast from what I've seen?

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