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Thread: Looking for good, reliable shared hosting

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    Looking for good, reliable shared hosting

    Hey guys

    I'm looking for a shared hosting service for a friend. Do you know anything about shared hosting? Is it reliable?
    Requirements: a few gigs of space (at least), GOOD uptime, easy to use control panel, great support (prompt and knowledgeable; if the turnaround time for urgent tickets is more than 2 hours, I'm not interested).

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    I have never been aware of any downtime. I can recommend SSD hosting to others.
    The servers are also faster than one would expect for shared hosting, much faster than some other hosts I've used.

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    What kind of applications are you going to use and where, in which country do you need to host your website?
    Host Color
    Managed Hosting & Cloud Infrastructure - Europe Dedicated Servers since 2000
    Data center in the U.S. and Europe

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    The best shared plans are available from and
    They are reliable web hosts with affordable prices and stable plans totally compatible with any web software, you won't regret of using them.

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    600 and plans are worth every cent you pay for their services.
    They are cheap and pretty reliable. The customer service has been excellent. They quickly address and fix problems and even help with my questions. They are definitely worth a shot.

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    I have to highly recommend shared hosting for their excellent customer service and technical expertise.
    It is really cool for running WordPress blogs. Customer service. Prolly one of their best features. You ever have a problem.

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    Plans from and are full-featured and low cost.
    The features offered by these companies are quite good. Setting everything up was feasible even for a complete beginner. Due to my fairly basic knowledge I had to contact support regularly but they were pretty friendly and managed to solve my problems.

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    460 is worthwhile.
    Quick and excellent Customer Service response. And uptime is high. I recommend them to anybody who is interested in getting quality services at modest rates.

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    Good hosting services are reproduced with great precision testifying to a perfect ability to work.
    I think you will make the right decision to choose cheap web hosting. My favorite is pretty obviously this host.
    High-speed server performance. Dedicated and passionate customer support + useful tools for the website!

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    ByteNAP is providing a reliable and affordable shared web hosting service to all of its customers with 24*7 tech support. The best cheapest web hosting provider in India with supportive staff.
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    I have used many hosts over the past 10 years, but cPanel web host who I have used for the past 9 months has proven the best by far.
    Their customer support is beyond excellent. They know what they are doing. Recommended!

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