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Thread: What Does .COM Mean | All Popular Domain Suffixes Explained

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    What Does .COM Mean | All Popular Domain Suffixes Explained

    If you are running any website, you surely know how important a domain name and its extension is for your online business brand. But if you are a beginner and want to build your own website with the proper domain name and reliable hosting then this article is equally important for you. Did you know every domain name is based on different elements? In this article, you will learn what is a TLD (Top-Level-Domain), what does .com mean and a list of popular TLDs.

    Domain suffix or Top-Level-Domain (also known as domain extension) is the last segment of your domain name located after the last dot. There are more than 1200 TLDs but .com is the most popular extension. Let�s understand the basic knowledge of all popular top domain extensions.

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    Your top-level domain never used to be important except in the cases of org for nonprofits website domains .edu for schools website domains and a few others. However, it used to be the .com the generic TLD and your countries TLD was really pretty much the same. The big difference that I see now between these two specific top-level domains is that Google prefers to show top-level domains from the country you are searching in so yes in terms of search engine optimization TLD is now quite important.

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