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Thread: What are some tricks for successful SEM?

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    What are some tricks for successful SEM?

    Hello friends,

    What are some tricks for successful SEM?

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    Start-up Tip 6: Ten Practical Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tips
    Define your goal
    Define conversion accurately
    Develop your keywords smartly and carefully
    Ad Copy is important
    A/B test your ad copy – always

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    Hi Friends,
    1.Organize and rename your campaigns and ad groups
    2. GEO-targeted campaigns
    3. Create multiple ad groups per campaign
    4. Use the keyword planner
    5. Google Trends to analyze keyword search traffic
    6. Add negative keywords
    7. Delete or pause the keywords with lower CTR
    8. Help yourself to different match types to choose your keywords
    9. Multiple ads for each ad group
    10. Use the equitable rotation of ads
    11. Compose the text of your ads so that they are great
    12. Take ad scheduling to reduce costs of ads with few conversions
    13. Use extensions to enrich your ads
    14. Upgrade your conversions. Insert the tracking code on Google Adwords
    15. Upgrade your conversions. Link your AdWords account with Google Analytics
    16. Make sure your landing page is related to your ad

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